To Pierce the Material Screen: An Anthology of 20th-Century Hong Kong Literature

Edited by Eva Hung with the assistance of Chi-yin Ip

Volume I: Fiction
viii+276 pages
ISBN 978-962-7255-34-5
Volume II: Essays and Poetry
xii+252 pages
ISBN 978-962-7255-35-2

Order: Vol. I  Vol. II

Table of Contents
(Volume I: Fiction)

Eva Hung—Room to Let: Anthologizing Hong Kong Literature 1
1. Familiar Marvels
Liu Yichang: Chain 11
Gao Xiong: Two Decades of Hong Kong Oddities (excerpts) 16
Ni Kuang: Antiques Alley: A Ge-Ware Incense Burner with ‘Flying’ Handles and Six Legs in Crackled Fenqing Glaze 34
Liu Yichang: Wrong Number 38
Xi Xi: Marvels of A Floating City 41
2. Folks Next Door
Lü Lun: The Lottery Ticket 57
Yi Shu: Homecoming 67
Virginia Suk Yin Ng: Father 74
Lü Qi Shi: Air Granny 83
Chan Wai Ying: Tied Together by Fate 94
Chan Hay Ching: You and Your Father and Your Mother 97
3. Shadowlands
Wu Xubin: The Sea 107
Peng Cao: The Red Horse 110
Xi Xi: A Girl Like Me 117
Chan Po Chun: Beginnings and Endings 131
Wong Pok: Topic of Conversation 138
Ngan Shun Kau: The Censure of Heaven 146
4. Seasons of the Heart
Zi Ren: Long Corridor, Short Song 161
Sharon Hiu Ieong Chung: Greensleeves 168
Xin Qi Shi: Missing Person 185
Patsy Lai Shan Kwan: The Angel and the Angel’s Halo 194
Wong Bik Wan: Plenty and Sorrow 213
Dung Kai Cheung: The Rise and Fall of Wing Shing Street 235
Notes on Authors 268
Notes on Translators 273

Table of Contents
(Volume II: Essays and Poetry)

1. History’s Alleyways
Yin Jiang: A Spell3
Huang Lu: Hawkers of Olives4
Lu Yi Shi: Song on a Rainy Day5
Fan Sin Piu: Passing My Father’s Old Shop6
Tao Jie: The Rings of a Tree7
Han Mu: On this Land there once Lived9
Yip Fai: The Old Chap in the Shop of Paper Effigies11
Du Du: Going to the Movies13
Stephen Soong: Trite Language15
Xia Guo: The Emotional Appeal of Wonton Noodles20
Xiao Si: A History in Books23
2. Local Habitations
Li Yuzhong: In the City, the Month of May29
Shu Xiang Cheng: Cable Car on Victoria Peak30
Margaret Ng: A Place of One’s Own31
Xiao Si: Night Market33
Tang Da Jiang: Having Tea35
Wu Yin Ching: High Street36
Choi Chi Fung: Sleepwalk in the Suburbs41
Ma Kwok Ming: My Childhood in Tsuen Wan (excerpts)42
Chan Chi Tak: Boat and Home45
DEL: The Eight-thirty Train47
3. Distant Vistas
Liu Mu Xia: Skyscraper51
Joseph S. M. Lau: Potato-eating Days (excerpts)52
Gu Cangwu: Seeing Snow the Second Time57
Wan Kin Lau: Sunday, Overcast59
Yu Feng: The Kite60
Chan Siu Wah: White Hair62
Qiu Cheng: Return65
Tsai Yim Pui: Decathlon66
4. China • China
Chen Jiangfan: Eventide71
Li Kuang: Doors72
He Da: The Times73
Ronald P. Mar: The Prodigal Sons who Burnt their Harps74
Kun Nan: Hail, the Steeds of Legend76
Ji Hun: Loss80
Dai Tian: The Story of the Stone81
Yuan Yuan: Good Work Undone83
Tsai Yim Pui: Six Martyrs86
Wong Pok: On Forbearance87
5. Third Side of the Strait
Xu Su: Reading History Plays93
Xu Xu: Freedom Not to Speak94
Yu Kwang-chung: The Kowloon-Canton Railway97
Laurence Wong: I Fear I May Grow Old before Frost Fall98
Dong Qiao: This Generation100
Lau Wai Shing: On Passing by Train through Tangshan103
Chung Wai Man: Conch Shells in the Mist104
Chan Chi Tak: Flag106
Li Yue: Sacred Territory108
6. 1997
Ah Lian: If I Had Roots Too113
Ha Gong: The Legalization of Rape115
Ha Gong: Getting High117
Ji Hun: I’m Afraid I’ll Fall Asleep Before Dawn119
Cheung Siu Por: Refused Entry to Peking University121
Cheung Siu Por: Ears Pressed to Echo Wall122
Chang Chak Yan: A Tale of Tangled Lines123
Chan Chi Wa: Images of Hong Kong in the Tourist Association’s Publicity Films127
7. Of Life and Living
Shu Xiang Cheng: Ten Lines131
Cao Juren: Having Drifted over the Sea of Life (excerpts)132
Wong Man: Obdurate138
Si Guo: Unemployed139
Lau Wai Shing: A Moth in the Strip Light145
Hui Tik Cheung: Falling147
Chung Ling Ling: Those Aches and Pains148
Wong Leung Wo: At Midnight, I Saw your Little Shoes Hanging at the Bathroom Window—to Ying-ying151
Yin Jiang: Flying Ants over Water153
Xi Xi: Elegy for a Breast (excerpts)155
Tang Siu Wa: Stilled164
8. Fairground Mirrors
Ou Wai Ou: Love Takes a Bus169
San Su: Paying One’s Last Respects is Both a Source of Anguish for the Living and an Insult to the Dead170
Chai Wa Wa: True Confession173
Wang Ting Zhi: Support the Construction of Daya Bay Nuclear Plant175
Xiao Xi: ‘You Don’t Want Roses’177
Zhang Wenda: I’m All for Fox Fairies178
Gaylord Kai Loh Leung: Homage to the Toilet181
Xiang Zhuang: The Overdevelopment of Language183
9. A Grain of Sand
Yin Han: A Small Fish187
Hung Chi: The Stewed-Pork Vendor190
P. K. Leung: Not Just Another New Year’s Painting191
Wu Yin Ching: Garment Reading192
Huang Canran: Loneliness194
Chan Tak Kam: Blind Fortune-tellers195
P. K. Leung: Bittermelon198
Fan Sin Piu: Afternoon Anxieties199
Liu Wai Tong: To a Young Lady in an MTR Train200
Lee Ying Ho: No Exit202
10. All are Written unto Me
Huang Canran: ‘Who am I?’207
Heather Tu: The Witch’s Song208
Yip Fai: The Nut in a Drawer210
Heather Tu: Denial of the Flesh211
Xu Su: Giving up Smoking212
Zhao Tao: My Life with Mirrors223
Gu Cangwu: On the Tower227
Ho Fuk Yan: Letter Writing228
Wong Leung Wo: Still Unborn229
Notes on Authors230
Notes on Translators248