Public Lectures​

Translated Texts in Intellectual History: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Studies of Tianyanlun

31 January 2021
Speaker: Prof. Huang Ko-Wu 

Connecting to the World through Translation: The Birth of China's First Encyclopedia

28 February 2021
Speaker: Prof. Chen Liwei 

Giving a Concept a Name: How Did Yan Fu Translate “Evolution” and “Ethics”?

28 March 2021
Speaker: Prof. Shen Guowei 

Theories and Approaches in the Studies of Asian Translation History: Court and Police Interpreters in Taiwan under Japanese Rule

25 April 2021
Speaker: Prof. Yang Cheng-shu

Qianlong Emperor’s Edicts to King George III of Great Britain: Rethinking Translation and Early Modern China

30 May 2021
Speaker: Prof. Lawrence Wang-chi Wong

The Debate over Humanism in “Contemporary Literature”: The Chinese Translation of Roger Garaudy’s Humanisme marxiste

27 June 2021
Speaker: Prof. Luo Gang

Translating Modern Medical Knowledge: The Translation of Gray’s Anatomy

25 July 2021
Speaker: Prof. Gao Xi

The Critical Discourse and Translation of “Red Classics” during the Seventeen Year Period

29 August 2021
Speaker: Prof. Liao Qiyi

Squaring the Circle: On Yan Fu’s Heroic Efforts to Reconcile Two Different Cultures

26 September 2021
Speaker: Prof. Theodore David Huters

George Thomas Staunton Learns to be a Translator

29 October 2021
Speaker: Prof. Henrietta Harrison

The Influence of Target Culture on Late Qing Scientific Translation

28 November 2021
Speaker: Prof. Nie Fuling

Learning out of “Nurturing” and Spirit out of “Living”: Chen Yuan, Lü Simian, Ch’ien Mu, and Jao Tsung-I in the History of Modern Education and Scholarship

26 December 2021
Speaker: Prof. Chen Pingyuan