Book Reviews/Notices

The book review section in Renditions is an endeavour to highlight the role of translator in shaping a text. Only literary translations from Chinese into English are reviewed. The review will concentrate on various aspects of translation, including, for example, basic approach, pros and cons of a chosen style of voice, and special characteristics of translator mediation. All reviews are solicited and written by experienced translators and scholars in the field.

Apart from book reviews, Renditions also features shorter book notices for new titles on topics which might be of interest to our readers. This includes but is not limited to studies and writings relevant to Chinese history, culture, and literature, literary translation in Asia, and creative writings with a Chinese theme.

If you wish to have your latest titles introduced in Renditions through book reviews or notices, please send a review copy to:

Research Centre for Translation
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Shatin, N.T.
Hong Kong