I. Journal: Studies in Translation History

The inaugural issue of the journal, Studies in Translation History, was launched by RCT in 2011. Published and distributed by Fudan University Press, the annual journal is the first journal in Chinese to focus on the study of translation history.

II. Book Series: Studies in Translation History​

The book series Studies in Translation History is planned by the Research Centre for Translation, published and distributed by the Chinese University Press. This is currently the only book series devoted to the case study of Chinese translation history.

III. Book Series: Towards a History of Translating​

To commemorate RCT’s fortieth anniversary in 2011, the three-volume Towards a History of Translating is compiled. The first two volumes consist of articles on translation and Chinese literature selected from the past issues of Renditions. The articles are arranged in chronological order of their first appearance in Renditions, while the third volume is a collection of articles invited from distinguished scholars in the field of translation studies.

IV. Book Series: Translation Studies Research​

The book series Translation Studies Research Series is a Chinese-language book series that focuses on the cultural translation activities in Chinese history. Initiated by RCT, the series consists of titles published in both Hong Kong and China.

V. Book Series: Asian Translation Traditions Series​

Asian Translation Traditions Series, published by the Research Centre for Translation and The Chinese University Press, aims to promote and enhance high quality research in the translation traditions of Asian countries and to fill the current vacancy of English publications on translation history.

VI. Book Series: Young Researchers' Studies in Translation History

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