Renditions no. 79 (Spring 2013)

The issue features a selection of work representing a variety of periods and genres of Chinese literature. Highlights include “Lament over My Poor Fate,” an extraordinary long poem of female authorship from the Song dynasty translated by Wilt Idema, a selection of Huang Zunxian’s writings on Japan, translated by Jack Chen and Yunshuang Zhang, followed by a commentary essay by Cheng Yu-yu of National Taiwan University. We will also continue our serialization of David Hull’s translation of Waverings, Mao Dun’s epic of the 1927 revolution.

128 pages

* currently out of print

Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
———— Send Shoes: A Letter from Yuan to Zifang
Translated by Charles Sanft
———— Lament over My Poor Fate
Translated by Wilt L. Idema
Cheng Yu-yu The Geographic Measure of Traditional Poetic Discourse: Reading Huang Zunxian’s ‘Poems on Miscellaneous Subjects from Japan’
Translated by Jack W. Chen and Yunshuang Zhang
Huang Zunxian Selections from Huang Zunxian’s Writings on Japan
Translated by Jack W. Chen and Yunshuang Zhang
Mao Dun Waverings: excerpts
Translated by David Hull
Shi Zhecun The Yaksha
Translated by Christopher Rosenmeier
Su Tong Foreword: Remembering the Water Jar
Translated by Wee Kek Koon
Lin Bai The Time of Cat’s Passion
Translated by Bryna Tuft
Cheng Kwok Kong Years like Water
Translated by Wee Kek Koon
Charles Kwong No. 53
Translated by Tung-ling Choi
Wong Yankwai Selected Works of Wong Yankwai
Translated by Suyin Mak
Notes on Authors 125
Notes on Contributors 127