Renditions no. 84 (Autumn 2015)

Renditions no. 84 is a general issue with a special section devoted to the first two chapters of Chi Pang-yuan’s 齊邦媛 epic autobiography, The Great Flowing River, as expertly translated by John Balcom. Other features comprise one more chapter of Erik Honobe’s fine rendering of Feng Menglong’s 馮夢龍 seventeenth-century historical novel, Chronicles of the Eastern Zhou Kingdoms, together with excellent translations of two of the finest poets now writing in Chinese, Yu Jian 于堅 and Yang Mu 楊牧, from mainland China and Taiwan respectively.

133 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Special Section
Chi Pang-yuan The Great Flowing River: excerpts
Translated by John Balcom
Chapter One: My Homeland in Songs 9
Chapter Two: A Journey of Blood and Tears—The Eight Years of the War of Resistance 55
Feng Menglong Chronicles of the Eastern Zhou Kingdoms: Chapter Four
Translated by Erik Honobe
Yu Jian Five Poems
Translated by Naikan Tao and Simon Patton
Queen of the Northside Factories 96
Public Bath 99
Opus 49 101
He Came to Pick Me Up in His Black Car … 103
Sunday in Cuihu Park 104
Yang Mu Eight Poems
Translated by Wen-chi Li and Colin Bramwell
Scale Insect 114
To the Angel 118
Substitution 120
Solitude, 1910 122
Pindar’s Ode 124
Chang’an 126
Remembering Berkeley 128
Greek 130
Notes on Authors 132
Notes on Contributors 133