Renditions no. 85 (Spring 2016)

Renditions no. 85 is devoted to narratives covering a wide scope of Chinese history. We begin with chapter five from Feng Menglong’s 馮夢龍 seventeenth-century historical novel, Chronicles of the Eastern Zhou Kingdoms. Other features comprise the official biographies of the first six empresses of the Ming Dynasty as recorded in the Mingshi 明史 [History of the Ming dynasty], as written by the historiographers in the Qing dynasty that followed, another excerpt from Chi Pang-yuan’s 齊邦媛 The Great Flowing River, ‘In Ninety-nine Degrees of Heat’ by Lin Huiyin 林徽因, ‘The Innermost Rebellion’ by Xiu Bai 修白, and ‘Fish of the People’ by Su Tong 蘇童.

136 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Feng Menglong Chronicles of the Eastern Zhou Kingdoms: Chapter Five
Translated by Erik Honobe
Zhang Tingyu et al. Empresses of the Ming Dynasty: 1368–1462, from the History of the Ming Dynasty
Translated by Ellen Soulliere
Lin Huiyin In Ninety-nine Degrees of Heat
Translated by Yaohua Shi and Judith M. Amory
Xiu Bai The Innermost Rebellion
Translated by Dongwei Chu
Su Tong Fish of the People
Translated by Dongwei Chu
Chi Pang-yuan The Great Flowing River: Chapter Three
Translated by John Balcom
Book Notices 131
Notes on Authors 133
Notes on Contributors 135