Renditions no. 89 (Spring 2018)

Renditions no. 89 is a general issue with a special section devoted to Bo Shaojun’s 薄少君 One Hundred Poems Lamenting My Husband 哭夫詩百首 translated by Wilt L. Idema. Other features comprise Feng Zikai’s 豐子愷 complex meditation on the meaning and function of time, ‘The Gradual’ 漸, followed by one of Lao She’s 老舍 more significant short stories, ‘A New Hamlet’ 新韓穆烈德, together with Lin Wenyue’s  林文月 reminiscence of her childhood in the Japanese-controlled section of Shanghai, ‘Memories of Jiangwan Road’ 江灣路憶往. The issue concludes with two stories that are part of post-1979 ‘new era’ fiction, including G. K. Yuan’s ‘The Martyr’ 被遺忘的烈士 and Xie Hong’s 謝宏 ‘Drifters’ 自游人.

138 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Special Section
Bo Shaojun One Hundred Poems Lamenting My Husband
Translated by Wilt L. Idema
Feng Zikai The Gradual
Translated by Lifeng Ouyang
Lao She A New Hamlet
Translated by Ernest B. Gilman, Charling C. Fagan, and Helen Heng Ge
Lin Wenyue Memories of Jiangwan Road: In Homage to Chronicles of Hulan River
Translated by Theodore Huters
G. K. Yuan The Martyr
Translated by Susan Wilf
Xie Hong Drifters
Translated by Xiaowen Yang
Notes on Authors 135
Notes on Contributors 137