Renditions no. 90 (Autumn 2018)

Renditions no. 90 is a general issue featuring a selection of writings from different periods of Chinese history. We begin with excerpts from Meng Jiao’s 孟郊 set of poems ‘Grief in the Gorges’ 峽哀 and three ci poems by Li Qingzhao 李清照. Other highlights comprise Cai Yuanpei’s 蔡元培 political allegory ‘New Year’s Dream’ 新年夢, and ‘Water and Clouds’ 水雲, a long and rather baroque essay by Shen Congwen 沈從文 showing sides of that important author we do not often see. Finally, we offer three stories from contemporary China: Qiao Ye’s 喬葉 ‘Golden Period’ 黃金時間, with the focus on the marriage of urban middle-class, Xie Hong’s 謝宏 ‘Who Flies in April?’ 誰在四月飛翔, which captures the sad aftermath of the Cultural Revolution, and ‘Belle and Grace’ 沉魚落雁, a piece by Li Yanfeng 李延風 that offers an upbeat view of life in today’s China.

125 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Meng Jiao Grief in the Gorges: excerpts
Translated by Catherine Witzling
Li Qingzhao Three Ci Poems
Translated by Catherine Witzling
To the Tune of ‘Washing Silk in the Stream’ 16
To the Tune of ‘Butterflies Romancing the Flowers’ 17
To the Tune of ‘Goddess of Mercy’ 18
Cai Yuanpei New Year’s Dream
Translated by Lorenzo Andolfatto
Shen Congwen Water and Clouds
Translated by Yiling Yu
Qiao Ye Golden Period
Translated by Dongwei Chu
Xie Hong Who Flies in April
Translated by Jicheng Sun and Hal Swindalln
Li Yanfeng Belle and Grace
Translated by Cynthia Ning
Notes on Authors 122
Notes on Contributors 124