Renditions no. 92 (Autumn 2019)

Renditions no. 92 is a general issue with a special section dedicated to excerpts from Zhang Henshui’s 張恨水 Eighty-One Dreams 八十一夢, a series of fantasies revolving around life in China before, during, and what the author images things might be like after the War of Resistance, beautifully rendered by Simon Schuchat. Other features comprise two pieces published in the same journal in the final decade of the Qing dynasty, one being ‘A New History of Rats’ 新鼠史, an amusing allegory of Chinese weakness and potential for recovery, the other a short and lively satire titled ‘School Inspection’ 查功課 by Wu Jianren 吳趼人.

125 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Special Section: Eighty-One Dreams
Zhang Henshui Eighty-One Dreams: excerpts
Translated by Simon Schuchat
The Eighth Dream: There’s a Way to Get Rich 11
The Tenth Dream: A Peek at Dog Head Country 26
The Seventy-Seventh Dream: Winter in Beiping 38
The Eightieth Dream: Return to Nanjing 68
Epilogue 97
Bao Youfu A New History of Rats
Translated by Wilt L. Idema
Wu Jianren School Inspection
Translated by Yun A. Lee
Book Notices 123
Notes on Authors 124
Notes on Contributors 125