Renditions no. 94 (Autumn 2020)

This is a general issue featuring a rich collection of poetry. We begin with a special section devoted to the great Song-dynasty poet Lu You 陸游’s ci poems translated by Philip Watson, followed by selected Tang verse celebrating the talents of a woman poet, Shangguan Wan’er 上官婉兒, and two acerbic poems by Meng Jiao 孟郊. Our final poem is of recent vintage, Cai Xin’s 蔡欣 ‘If on an Island-State, an Old Man’ 如果在島國,一個老人. Other highlights include Wang Zengqi’s 汪曾祺 story ‘The Boy Who Fished for People’ 釣人的孩子 and Yu Guangzhong’s 余光中 essay ‘When Spring Comes to the Peninsula’ 春來半島.

143 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Special Section
Lu You Selected Ci Poems
Translated by Philip Watson
———— Selected Tang Verse on Shangguan Wan’er
Translated by Rebecca Doran
Zheng Yin: A Respectfuly Submitted Companion Piece to His Majesty’s Poem, ‘Visiting Lady of Bright Countenance Shangguan’s Residence’: Four Poems 56
Lü Wen: Song of Lady of Bright Countenance Shangguan’s Library 62
Meng Jiao Two Poems
Translated by Cathrine Witzling
The Road to Chang’an 66
The Song of the Beautiful People in Bashang 67
Sun Daoqian The Reminiscences of My Deceased Daughter: excerpt
Translated by Hangbin Bu
Zhu Xiang Wayfarers
Translated by Lifeng Ouyang
Xu Zhuodai Three Stories 80
The Bath House Philosopher
Translated by Shuhui Yan
The Love Agent
Translated by Sunny Yuchen Liu
At Long Last We Meet
Translated by Maria Hongying Zheng
Wang Zengqi The Boy Who Fished for People
Translated by Andrew F. Jones
Yu Guangzhong When Spring Comes to the Peninsula
Translated by Yuk Sunny Tien
Xie Hong Am I Very Important
Translated by Jicheng Sun and Hal Swindall
Cai Xin In on an Island-State, an Old Man
Translated by Cheow Thia Chan
Notes on Authors 138
Notes on Contributors 141