Renditions no. 97 (Spring 2022)

This general issue begins with a special section on Wilt L. Idema’s tour-de-force translation of Pu Songling’s 蒲松齡 ‘A Pleasant Song’ 快曲, a Qing-dynasty prosimetric rendition of the pursuit of Cao Cao in the aftermath of his catastrophic defeat at the Battle of Red Cliff. Other highlights include two song suites by the late-Ming patriotic prodigy Xia Wanchun 夏完淳, Wang Guowei’s 王國維 landmark essay ‘Critique of Dream of the Red Chamber’ 《紅樓夢》評論, and Fei Ming’s 廢名 enigmatic story ‘Peach Orchard’ 桃園.

134 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Special Section
Pu Songling A Pleasant Song
Translated by Wilt L. Idema
Xia Wanchun Two Song Suites
Translated by Sunny Yuchen Liu
Self-Confession: In the Xianlü Mode, Beginning with the Tune of ‘Bang zhuangtai’ 55
Reflections: In the Xianlü Mode, Beginning with the Tune of ‘Ganzhou ge’ 61
Wang Guowei Critique of Dream of the Red Chamber
Translated by Theodore Huters
Fei Ming Peach Orchard
Translated by Andrew F. Jones
Wu Zuxiang On Dreams
Translated by Lifeng Ouyang
Ye Zhaoyan Sweetheart Lu Hanming
Translated by Chen Wen’an
Zhang Zhihao Five Poems
Translated by Yuemin He
The Everlasting Pot 125
Fish That Jumped Out of the Frying Pan 126
By the Steamer 127
Fried Rice 128
Fried Lotus Flowers 130
Notes on Authors 131
Notes on Contributors 133