Renditions no. 98 (Autumn 2022)

Renditions no. 98 provides an eclectic mix of poetry, prose, and fiction from as early as the Northern Wei to the 1950s by influential politicians or acclaimed writers. Highlights include poems by the famous playwright and critic Li Yu 李漁, an early-Qing vernacular story ‘A Miser Digs New Pits and Makes a Load of Money’ 掘新坑慳鬼成財主, which traces out an unorthodox path to riches and fame of a rural family, and a collection of three stories written by the revered Liu Yichang 劉以鬯 during his sojourn in Singapore. The issue concludes with a review by David L. Rolston on one of the latest books dealing with the classic The Story of the Stone.

148 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Gao Yun Two Yuefu Poems
Translated by Rebecca Doran
Song of Luofu 9
Wang Ziqiao 10
Zhu Yijun Preface for an Imperial Reprint of the Daxue yanyi bu
Translated by Aaron Throness
———— Five Late-Ming and Early-Qing Analogues of the Liaozhai zhiyi Tale ‘Shibian’
Translated by Shengyu Wang and Paulo Brito
Wang Zhaoyun: Corpse Reanimation 25
Tan Qian: Corpse Reanimation 26
Zhao Jishi: An Untitled Anecdote 27
Niu Xiu: A Running Corpse 27
Tong Shisi: Living Corpse 28
Li Yu Selected Poems
Translated by Barbara Jiawei Li and Jiang Wei
Mooring at Caidian, Encountering a Sudden Rain at Night 30
Impeded by the Wind When Travelling on the River 32
Ode to Moon-Viewing on Mid-Autumn 34
Ode to Watching the Snow on a Boat in Zhenjiang 36
Night Rain Outside a Guest-Room Window 38
Impeded by the Wind, I Anchored My Boat near an Islet. I Looked Around, There Being no Company for the Night but Reeds. 39
Away from Hometown, with the Moon 40
Stopped by the Rain at Tongguan 40
Master of the Savouring Water Pavilion A Miser Digs New Pits and Makes a Load of Money
Translated by Jonah Katz
Jiang Dunfu Biographies of Two Distinguished Foreigners
Translated by Sebastian Eicher
Shen Congwen The Doctor
Translated by Andrew Kauffman
Feng Zikai Train Society
Translated by Lifeng Ouyang
Liu Yichang In a Cinematic Mood: Three Malayan Stories
Translated by Lim Fong Wei
Singapore Story: excerpts 118
The Robot 122
Midnight Show 127
Book Review 130
Notes on Authors 143
Notes on Contributors 146