Renditions nos. 81 & 82 (Spring & Autumn 2014)

Renditions nos. 81 & 82 is a double issue guest-edited by Stephen H. West and Xiaoqiao Ling, devoted to Chinese fiction from the Ming and Qing dynasties. Traditional commentaries are included and presented in a format as close to the Chinese original text as possible. These commentaries contain unique critical insights into the works they treat, and enable new ways of reading premodern Chinese fiction. During much of the last century editors were reluctant to include commentaries in modern editions, but in recent years this work has become much more widely available, with only English translations lagging behind. This special edition of Renditions is meant to move toward closing that gap.

280 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Stephen H. West and Xiaoqiao Ling Preface 7
David L. Rolston Introduction: Jin Ping Mei Chapters 1 and 100
Zhang Zhupo Commentary
———— Jin Ping Mei: The Number One Marvellous Book
Noted and Commented on by Gaohetang
Translated by Xiaofei Tian
———— The Number One Marvellous Book: The Jin Ping Mei
Commented on by Zhang Zhupo from Pengcheng [Xuzhou]
Translated by David L. Rolston
Robert E. Hegel and Maria Franca Sibau Introduction: Sanguo zhi yanyi Chapters 48 and 49 129
———— Illustrated Old Edition of the Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms
With Original Commentary by Li Zhuowu [Zhi]
Translated by Maria Franca Sibau and Robert E. Hegel
———— The Guanhuatang Edition of the First Work of Genius
With Comments and Emphases by Master Mao Shengshan [Lun] and Original Commentary by [Jin] Shengtan
Translated by Maria Franca Sibau and Robert E. Hegel
Maria Franca Sibau Introduction: Du Jun’s Commentary to Li Yu’s Silent Operas and Priceless Jade 221
Li Yu Priceless Jade, Prima Pars
With a Commentary by the Libationer of Slumberland [Du Jun]
Story translated by Patrick Hanan
Commentary translated by Maria Franca Sibau
Notes on Contributors 279