Renditions nos. 87 & 88 (Spring & Autumn 2017)

Renditions nos. 87 & 88 is entirely devoted to translations of and introductions to works of fiction produced in urban China in the years between 1916 and 1949. In spite of the conspicuous popularity of this work, its variety, and its innovativeness, it was denied appropriate recognition in its own time by the elites that set the tone for what was considered to be proper literature. This negligence has only become worse in the years since 1949, as the work has received very little attention in the critical discourse on modern literature that has flourished in an expanding Chinese academy, particularly in the years since 1980. We hope that by presenting a sampling of the rich variety of fiction from the Republican period, we can make a small contribution to remedying this historical injustice.

273 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Theodore Huters Introduction: Cultivating the ‘Great Divide’: Urban Literature in Early Twentieth-Century China 7
Jianhua Chen Introduction to Zhou Shoujuan 19
Zhou Shoujuan The Little Apartment Across the Way
Translated by Richard King
Zhou Shoujuan Charming Confidante
Translated by Cheuk Wong
Zhou Shoujuan The Phonograph Record
Translated by Andrew F. Jones
Zhu Shouju The Shanghai Tide: excerpts
Translated by Theodore Huters
Chapter 1 (excerpt) 91
Chapter 3 93
Chapter 44 110
Chapter 45 128
Cheng Zhanlu On the Train
Translated by Leo Yinquan Chen
Buxiaosheng The Unofficial History of Sojourners in Japan: excerpt
Translated by John Christopher Hamm
Chapter 4 (excerpt) 158
Sun Liaohong The Strange Cases of the Chivalrous Thief Lupin: The Mummy’s Hand
Translated by John Christopher Hamm
Christopher G. Rea Introduction to Xu Zhuodai 189
Xu Zhuodai Opening Day Advertisement
Translated by Christopher G. Rea
Xu Zhuodai Fantastically Fabulous
Translated by Maria Hongying Zheng and Sunny Yuchen Liu
Xu Zhenya The Poison Bottle
Translated by ade Anqi Xie and Juliet Litian Zhu
Zhang Henshui Eighty-One Dreams: excerpts
Translated by Simon Schuchat
Prologue—The Rat’s Leftovers 246
The Fifth Dream: Extra! Extra! 250
Notes on Authors 269
Notes on Contributors 271