Selected Poems

By Xu Zhimo
Edited by Mary M. Y. Fung
Translated by Mary M. Y. Fung and David Lunde

126 pages
ISBN 962-7255-45-1


Table of Contents

Introduction 9
Poems of Zhimo
Elegy for Katherine Mansfield 24
A Grey and Gloomy Life 26
On Hearing the Chant of Penitential Offering at Tianning Temple in Changzhou 28
Serves You Right, Beggar! 31
Cover It with Oil Paper 32
This Strange World 34
Sayonara—To a Japanese Maiden 35
The Poison 36
Who Knows 38
Calvary 40
In Search of a Bright Star 43
The Signal 44
The Joy of a Snowflake 45
This Is a Coward’s World 46
Untitled 48
A Song of Dead Leaves 56
A Night in Florence
Susie 52
A Night in Florence 53
Rhymes of the Sea 56
Let Us Build a Wall 58
It Is Not Easy to Live These Days 59
Ding-Dong—Loud and Clear 60
Late at Night off Dagu Port on March 61
Plum Blossom and Snow Vie for Spring (Commemorating the May 18 Incident) 62
Another Experiment 63
A Pipa Tune in an Alley at Midnight 64
By Chance 65
The Marshall (Battle Song I) 66
Human Beings Transformed to Animals (Battle Song II) 68
The Last Day 69
Tiger, Tiger
Cricket 72
Thomas Hardy 73
I Don’t Know Which Way the Wind Blows 75
Life 76
Who Is to Blame? 77
By the Side of an Unknown Road (India) 78
You Are in His Eyes 79
Second Farewell to Cambridge 80
Dedication 82
I Am Waiting for You 83
The Yellow Oriole 86
Seasons 87
In the Mountains 88
Mount Tai 89
The Expansive Sea 90
Roaming in the Clouds
Roaming in the Clouds 92
Love’s Inspiration—For Hu Shi 93
In Sickness 107
The Train Grabbing the Rails 109
You Go 111
Notes on Translators 112
Selected Bibliography 113
Appendix I: Preface to A Night in Florence 115
Appendix II: Preface to Tiger, Tiger 117
Appendix III: Preface to Roaming in the Clouds 123