Crossing Borders: Sinology in Translation Studies

Asian Translation Traditions Series
  (Volume 4)

Edited by T. H. Barrett & Lawrence Wang-chi Wong

479 pages
ISBN: 978-988-237-177-4

Table of Contents

IntroductionT. H. BARRETTxi
Conflicting Interpretations on the Collected Statutes of the Ming Dynasty:
  The Debate between Navarrete and Brancati on the Ritual to Confucius in Canton in 1668
Thierry MEYNARD1
Beijing as a Missionary Translation Center in the Eighteenth CenturyEugenio MENEGON37
Thomas Manning (1772-1840):
  Spiritual Intuitions and Sinological Visions in the Case of an English Eccentric
Edward WEECH75
The Learning and Outcomes in Early Anglophone Sinological Translation:
  The Case of Thomas Manning (1772-1840)
Two Cousins:
  Jean-Pierre Abel-Remusat’s and Stanislas Julien’s Translations of Yu jiao li
Sinologists as Diplomatic Translators:
  Robert Thom (1807-1846) in the First Opium War and His Translation of the Supplementary Treaty (Treaty of the Bogue), 1843
Lawrence Wang-chi WONG181
When Sinology Encountered Ethnology:
  S. Wells Williams’ Translation of Chinese Death Rituals in Jiali Tieshi Jicheng
Siyang SHUAI213
The First Translations of Daoist Religious TextsBenjamin PENNY239
Literary Translation and Sinological Knowledge:
  The Case of Herbert Allen Giles’ (1845–1935) Gems of Chinese Literature (1884)
Lingjie JI265
A Literary Experiment of “Mahayana Christianity”:
  On Timothy Richard’s English Translation of Xiyouji
Xiaofang WU297
Widow as Trustee:
  George Jamieson’s Translation of Qing Widow “Inheritance Rights”
Rui LIU341
Translations of Chinese Fiction in Italy at the End of the Nineteenth CenturyAlessandra BREZZI363
“Naxiology” and Translation in the Works of Joseph RockDuncan POUPARD395
Forging a New Epistemology about Philosophy and Science:
  Joseph Needham’s Translation of Zhu Xi’s Concept of Li
Rui LIU429
  Sinology in Japan and the Translation of Chinese Texts
Joshua FOGEL457