Sinologists as Translators in the Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries

Asian Translation Traditions Series
  (Volume 2)

Edited by Lawrence Wang-chi Wong & Bernhard Fuehrer

440 pages
ISBN: 978-962-996-607-2

Table of Contents

IntroductionBernhard FUEHRERxi
Translating the Confucian Classics:
  The Lunyu in the Confucius Sinarum Philosophus (1687)
Thierry MEYNARD1
The Manuscript of the Daodejing in the British LibraryClaudia VON COLLANI39
Filial Piety, the Imperial Works, and Translation:
  Pierre-Martial Cibot and The Book of Filial Piety
Feng-Chuan PAN87
Location, Location, Location:
  Peter Perring Thoms (1790-1855), Cantonese Localism, and
the Genesis of Literary Translation from the Chinese
Patricia SIEBER127
“Objects of Curiosity”:
  John Francis Davis as a Translator of Chinese Literature
Lawrence Wang-chi WONG169
Early French Sinoloy and the Question of “Plagiarizing”

  The Case of Heinrich Kurz’ German Rendition of Huajian ji
August Pfizmaier (1808-1887) and His Translations from Chinese PoetryBernhard FUEHRER245
Translation and he British Colonial Mission:
  The Career of Samuel Turner Fearon and the Establishment
of Chinese Studies in King’s College London
Uganda Sze Pui KWAN271
Kingsmill’s Shijing “Translations” into Sanskrit and the idea of
“Congenial Languages” at the End of the Nineteenth Century
Wolfgang BEHR307
Early Translation of Chinese Literature into German:
  The Example of Wilhelm Grube (1855-1908) and His
Translation of Investiture of the Gods
Thomas ZIMMER355
Collaborators and Competitors:
  Western Translators of the Yijing in the Eighteenth and
Nineteenth Centuries
Richard J. SMITH385