Renditions no. 91 (Spring 2019)

Renditions no. 91 is a general issue featuring a diversity of works originally written in the twentieth century. We begin with a special section devoted to seven relatively little-known short pieces by the extraordinary and tragically short-lived writer Xiao Hong 蕭紅, elegantly rendered by the distinguished translator Howard Goldblatt. Other features comprise Zhu Xiang’s 朱湘 long satirical poem ‘The Cat’s Admonition’ 貓誥, a compact and clever allegory of the disposition of Chinese intellectuals in the immediate post–May Fourth era; ‘The Man from Greece’ 希臘人 by Lin Cantian 林參天, one of our first ventures into publishing translations of literature written in Chinese in South-east Asia; and ‘The Photograph’ 一張照片 by Yeh Hsia-Ti 葉霞翟, the love story of the author and the brilliant Nationalist general Hu Zongnan 胡宗南.

134 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Special Section
Xiao Hong Vague Expectations: Xiao Hong Miscellany: excerpts
Translated by Howard Goldblatt
Abandoned Infant 11
Little Six 27
In Tokyo 31
A Rail Line Is Completed 35
Kaji and Ikeda 41
The Child’s Speech 49
The Garden Out Back 55
Zhu Xiang The Cat’s Admonition
Translated by Wilt L. Idema
Lin Cantian The Man from Greece
Translated by Cheow Thia Chan
Yeh Hsia-Ti A Photograph
Translated by Esther Hu
Book Notices 131
Notes on Authors 133
Notes on Contributors 134