Renditions no. 95 (Spring 2021)

Renditions no. 95 is a general issue that begins with a special section on Yu Dafu’s 郁達夫 ‘Boundless Night’ 茫茫夜, a story fully exhibiting the lyricism and eccentricities in Yu’s writings. This is followed by a collection of Mi Fu’s 米芾 remarks on the art of calligraphy, a selection of verse written by Yuan-dynasty courtesans, and ‘The Tale of the Peony Lantern’ 牡丹燈記 by Qu You 瞿佑, a thrilling ghost-story. Other highlights include stories by two Indonesian-born writers, Hei Ying 黑嬰 and Yuan Ni 袁霓, which offer readers a glimpse of Nanyang, and Bei Dao’s 北島 reminiscences of a Japanese friend and their youthful days in Beijing. Finally, we conclude with Jiang Fan’s 江帆 ‘An Intertextual Approach to Literary Relations’ 透過翻譯現象深化文學關係研究, an insightful award-winning scholarly essay.

149 pages


Table of Contents

Editor’s Page 5
Special Section
Yu Dafu Boundless Night
Translated by Liz Evans Weber
Mi Fu On Calligraphy
Translated by Carl Gene Fordham
———— Selected Verse by Yuan-Dynasty Courtesan Poets
Translated by Shu-chu Wei
Qu You The Tale of the Peony Lantern
Translated by Hangbin Bu
Hei Ying Two Stories
Translated by Josh Stenberg
Elegy for the Southern Isles 79
Spring in the Southern Isles 84
Yuan Ni Two Stories
Translated by Josh Stenberg
Eighteen Years 96
Half a Bag of Sunflower Seeds 100
Bai Dao My Japanese Friend
Translated by Theodore Huters
Jiang Fan An Intertextual Approach to Literary Relations: Rethinking Arthur Waley and Wang Chi-chen’s Dispute over ‘Dreamscapes’ in the English Translation of Hongloumeng
Translated by Theodore Huters
Notes on Authors 146
Notes on Contributors 148