Translation and Power:
The Fourth International Conference on Chinese Translation History
Call for Papers

Venue: The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong
Organizer: Research Centre for Translation, CUHK
Co-organizer: Department of Translation, CUHK

The “International Conference on Chinese Translation History” series organized by the Research Centre for Translation, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, explores Chinese translation history within the bigger framework of world civilization and human thought. It aims to lay groundwork for new models, methods, and perspectives in this innovative interdisciplinary branch of learning through detailed case studies. Since 2015, the conference series have been held every two years, with a different central theme for every conference. The fourth conference focuses on the broad spectrum of issues pertaining to the concept of translation and power in Chinese translation history.

In his seminal work Surveiller et punir [Discipline and Punish, 1975], Michel Foucault put forward the concept of power, seeing it as an omnipotent force permeating all human relations. According to Foucault, power involves domination and coercion, but can also manifest itself through resistance and ideological subversion. The issue of power is particularly crucial in translation studies as translation is not neutral but involves manipulation and rewriting in which the establishment and renegotiation of power relations are normally at play. “Power” is the keyword of the fourth conference, with the intention to reveal the intricate nature and far-reaching effects of translation in Chinese translation history through individual case studies.

Abstracts are invited from researchers in translation studies and related fields addressing any of the following topics:

  1. How translation generates power
  2. How translation transcends power
  3. Translation restricted by power and restricts power
  4. Translation’s role within the power structure between China and the rest

Languages of presentation: Chinese (Putonghua) and English

Submission procedures:
Please email the completed application form with an abstract of your paper/panel (no more than 250 words) (click here for the application form) to RCT ( on or before 15 August 2023. For panels, please also submit one abstract for each individual paper. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Conference Academic Committee. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out before 31 August 2023.

Cost:  No registration fees are required. Participants will need to arrange and pay for their own travel, food, accommodation, and other costs.

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